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I am so glad I happened on your telephone personals site. Had it not been for our chance encounter on the chat lines Martin and I would have never found one another. Now we are are inseparable! -Helen and Martin

Thank you for providing such and exciting free dating service! I have not found Mr. Right yet but have no problem finding lots of Mr. Right Nows! I am never without a date. I am too young to settle down but I love playing the field and your service makes that easy! -Tammy S.

It is time for me to take that next step and actually meet some of the telephone friendships I have made on the chatlines. I have a date for next Friday night! I love the fact that your dating service is completely anonymous. It makes it easy to screen out anyone I do not want to talk to again without being rude! -Anonymous in New York

Thank you so much! We met on the telephone and now we are together! I found my soulmate an he is, "The Real Deal". I do not know how to thank you! So I thought I should at the very least drop you a note so you could let other people know that they too can be successful in finding their soul mate using telephone chat lines! -Kismet

I have tried using other services before with some success but have had the most success with yours. I think it must have to do with the chat lines being always free for women. I think more women join because it is free and that gives us men more selection. What woman can resist free? Besides, it is only right that it be always free for women. Perhaps that is the southern gentleman in me talking. Cutting to the quick, this southern gentleman might be off the market after having met Julia. Thanks again, -Texas Oil Man

Thank you. You have given me the most precious gift of all. LOVE. -Emily

He proposed! I said yes! -Hannah & Brian (newly engaged)

We met at a club we both liked after having talked on your chat lines! Now we have been dating for over a month. Our future together looks bright! -Sharonda

I am working as an intern and have hardly any time for anything but I love getting on the phone with guys to flirt and have a little fun while relaxing. Keep up the good work and keep it free for women! -Busy, Busy in San Fran

I love the privacy of your chat line service and the fact I do not have to tell everything about myself on an in depth profile as they have you do on some services. I prefer to tell the person on the other end of the line about myself my way. I am a successful chef and I like to tone that down a bit by just saying, “I like to cook”. I met Darren and we decided to meet because of our love and knowledge of food. Turns out we are both Chefs in the same city and fit together like steak and potatoes! -Sue Chef (hehe)

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Thank You! I will let the picture speak for itself-Tanya and Greg "Just Married"

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